Dara Aram (OSA)

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                                             Gallery 1

Aspiration#1. 2016 acrylic on canvas 48x49 Inch

Lake Couchiching#1. 2014 acrylic on canvas 36X48 Inch

Early Summer#1. 2016 acrylic on canvas 48X49 Inch

Evening Glow#2. 2017 acrylic on canvas 12x16 Inch

Sun Dawn#1 2017 acrylic on canvas 32x36 Inch



sample  some of my recent art works 

   Grey Palette#1. 09. acrylic on canvas

 Red Dimension 2, 11, (acry. on can.) 32x36in


      RedRiver1.10 acrylic on canvas                                  Contemplation 1, 11 (acry. on canvas) 24x50


Cliff Stories 2. 2010 acrylic on canvas (sold)


        Spring Lake1. 11                                              Women and Lake 1,  11, (acry. on can.) 36x48in.


Blue Horizon 1, 11 (acrylic. on can.) 36x48in (sold)


   Finding Shelter 1,2010 (acry. on canvas) 24x24in     Four Women 1 11(acry. on canvas) 36x36in.(sold)


Time Reflection #1. 10. acrylic on canvas

    Orange Glow2.2010 acrylic on canvas (sold)                 Departure 1, 2010 (acry. on canvas) 24x24in.


Lake View.09. acrylic on canvas 

   Black House 1 2011 acry. on can. 12x12in.                  Cascading Texture 2, 2011, acry. on can. 12x12in.


Together Alon#1. 10. acrylic on canvas(sold)

Reflective Dimensions 1, 2010 (acry. on canvas) 36x36in.

    Pink Pattern 2. 09 acryic on canvas 16x16 In(sold)                  Twiligh Horizan. 09 acrylic on canvas 44x44


The Past and Future#1. 10. acrylic on canvas 


Walking In the Beach#2. 10. acrylic on canvas



         Morning Path 1, 11(acry. on canvas) 36x36                                 Deistant Colours1.11



Twilight Horizon2. 2010 acrylic on canvas 12X12 In (sold)



Shimmering Paths1.09 acrylic on canvas.20X24 Inch